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Hi, my name is Nigel Ipinson-Fleming, and thank you for dropping by.

My life has been an amazing journey that has seen me write, produce and perform for some of the world’s best recording artists, including Brit Rock and Synth Pop legends The Stone Roses, OMD, as well as share ideas with some of the worlds leading lights in spiritual growth, personal and business development.

At heart I am a teacher that uses my journey, to help others deal with stress and anxiety, develop confidence and self esteem, manage relationships, and achieve personal/business goals.

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I run the the UK’s #1 non-profit church and charity website provider UKChurches.

Launched in 2003, UKChurches is a pay as you go web design service for small to medium sized churches, charities and businesses.
We have developed a relational service, where we design, build, host and maintain our clients websites for a monthly subscription.

Today UKChurches services is used by over 500 organisations, and although tailored for Churches, we also develop websites for Charities, Educational Establishments and Businesses.


Garage Gospel is the gospel choir workshop I deliver in schools and organisations to inspire, boost self confidence, and build teams.

I am a keynote speaker for events, provide content for podcasts, Lunchtime Talks for companies, and host a daily radio show on Premier Radio

Faith is important, but it also has to be practical, and I share my ideas on this as the Pastor of Bethlehem Church Life Centre.

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0800 689 4376

Bristol, United Kingdom